Prices by the SY                          Delivered                                Picked-Up

1000 or more SY                                         $2.25/SY                                              $2.15/SY

501-999 SY                                                   $2.30/SY                                              $2.20/SY

251-500 SY                                                   $2.40/SY                                              $2.30/SY

101-250 SY                                                    $2.60/SY                                              $2.50/SY

001-100 SY                                                   $3.10/SY                                              $3.00/SY

Above square yard pricing for delivered sod is slightly higher than the picked-up price due to additional handling that occurs during deliveries.

There is a separate delivery charge that applies to all sod deliveries.

***$15.00 refundable pallet charge per sod pallet***


Metal stakes also available for purchase:

6” U-staples- 1000 ct box                                                                   $60.00

6” U-staples- Singles                                                                           $0.08

***Prices are subject to change at anytime***